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Hi, I’m Manish Sahani

I am the creator of this website, theme, and its content.

Published on December 31, 2021 by Manish Sahani

I am a software development engineer interested in backend engineering, system design and few other things.


I have had the pleasure of working at some great places, few of them are:

Member of Technical Staff @Adobe

Member of Technical Staff is just another goofy word for software development engineer. The work is same, pay is same and respect is same if there ever was some. I am part of the software team(s) that syncs the local design files (XD, psd, etc) to the adobe cloud and on a tool that helps in investigation any sync issue.

Open Source

I was part of The Linux Foundation’s Mentorship Program and contributed to the Kubernetes project, and created, currently being used by Knative, Kubernetes and other CNCF projects.


I studied Computer Science and Engineering at Delhi Technological University, India and graudated in 2021 along with these four numbnuts. I created the entire web presence of the DTU Times including (main website), (writers portal) and led the development of public the API.

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This site (Engineering w/Kalkayan) is maintained by Manish Sahani. .